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FM-PD50/250G Frymax Oil Filter Powder 50 × 250g Satchels

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Frymax Oil Filter Powder
50 × 250g Satchels
Crispy & golden brown on the outside. Tender & succulent on the inside. An aroma & look that people love. How can you get it every time?
Using Frymax Oil Filter Powder extends oil life significantly
With regular oil filtering & Frymax Oil Filter Powder products cook faster, oil lasts longer & taste is improved.
• Price of edible oil has risen substantially in recent years.
• By using Oil Filter Powder you can save you up to 66% on your oil costs.
• Filtering alone will only remove the solid lumps from the oil
• A sticky residue remains that is made up of polarised free fatty acids.
• Oil Filter Powder adsorbs the fatty acids changing them into solid particles which are easily removed by the filtering process.
• Oil Filter Powder can extend the life of your oil significantly

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